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photo of a gypsy moth eating a tree leave

Gypsy Moth and Winter Moth Control

Gypsy Moths and Winter Moths have been invading Massachusetts property for the last few years. From the caterpillar droppings, damage to the trees and the moth invasion, it can really put a damper on enjoying your backyard or property. Winter Moth and Gypsy Moth larvae feed on the budding leaves of deciduous trees in early spring, but this infestation can be treated at any point during the season.

HortPRO Landscape Protection Program will Protect Trees, Shrubs and other Susceptible Plants

Rutland Nurseries’s HortPRO Landscape Protection Program will protect your trees, shrubs and other susceptible plantings from moths and other types of infestations. Landscape design is an investment. Many homeowners have spent many thousands of dollars on their landscaping. Just like your lawn, your trees and shrubs need to be protected and fed in order to thrive.
Our Rutland HortPRO Landscape Protection Program is exactly what the Horticulturist ordered!
From deep root-zone fertilizations to timely insect and disease controls to horticultural oils, our HortPRO team will make sure your investment is protected!

This treatment for gypsy moths is actually an injection into the trunk of the tree and then the product is transported thru the plants vascular system throughout the tree. It will kill the ones there currently as they start to feed and ingest the product they will die off. This treatment will stay into the plant for up to a year, so you get some added protection going into the next year.

How to Treat Winter Moths

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