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Residential and Commercial Lawn Fertilization and Nutrition Services throughout Massachusetts

From your beautifully landscaped front lawn to a large turf field, Rutland Nurseries has the experience and knowledge to keep your lawn or turf healthy and lush.

Our turf management specialists have over 50 years of experience with the harsh conditions in Massachusetts and New England. The key to any successful lawn fertilization program is knowing how and when to fertilize a lawn. Rutland Nurserieslawn fertilization services uses only the finest professional turf products. Each property is given a customized program, which responds directly to its individual nutrition needs. Up to nine specific applications will keep your lawn disease free and looking it’s best!

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photo of a lawn before lawn fertilizer services and then the lawn after Rutland Turf Care's lawn care services

Preventative Turf Management Programs

While some companies fertilize in response to a problem, Rutland Nurseries’ lawn fertilization service in Massachusetts is performed as a preventative measure. By eliminating problems before they arise, Rutland Nurseries can assure each customer of the best possible lawn fertilization results.

Turf Care without the Guesswork

Rutland Nurseries takes the guesswork out of lawn care with programs specially planned for your lawn or turf’s needs…and we use Scotts Pro Turf Lawn Products exclusively- the best materials available- for professionals only…not sold in stores!

Lawn Fertilization Services Massachusetts

Other lawn nutrition and fertilization services

In addition to our lawn care program, we offer other turf care services as well should you need them:

  • Fungicide Treatments– as needed to control diseases such as snow mold, dollar spot, and red thread.
  • Overseeding– with special slicer/seeder machine used on professional golf courses.
  • Dethatching and Core Aerating– opens up thatch and cores out soil plugs, not the usual spiking treatment
  • Lawn Reconstruction– specializing in small areas or entire lawns.
  • Design and Landscaping– done by professionals to accent your property with the proper plants, foliage, and materials.
  • Underground irrigation– efficient, water and time saving. Adds beauty and value to your property. An important part of any maintenance program is the proper application of water. Rutland Nurseries can design and install underground irrigation systems to respond to a customers unique needs.
  • Hydroseeding– Rutland Nurseries can hydroseed large areas very efficiently. We are also one of a few Massachusetts and New England distributors of a new product produced by Weyerhaeuser. This product has incomparable results for seeding steep bankings.

Lawn Care & Turf Care Programs MA

Rutland Turf Care- the Lawn Care Division of Rutland Nurseries

MA Lawn Care and Turf Management Division of Rutland Nurseries, Rutland Turf Pros is dedicated to keeping your property green and lush all season long. Let us take the guesswork out of having a beautiful lawn!

Sample Lawn Fertilization and Nutrition Program:


This is the time when grass comes out of winter dormancy with a heavy appetite. It’s ready to develop in all directions. With enough proper nutrients at the right times, all of the lawn’s activities can be stimulated to produce a thicker, greener, more satisfying lawn.


  • fertilize– for nutrient supply and fast growth.
  • lime– for proper pH. May be done at any time of year.
  • crabgrass control– applied BEFORE crabgrass seeds start germinating
  • insect control– controls grubs, chinch bugs, army worms, and sod webworms.

early summer

The hot, tough part of summer is just ahead and grass should enter that period as strong and fortified as possible.


  • fertilize– earlier application is used up and this is an important step in keeping your lawn thick and green during the summer.
  • weed control– warmer spring days bring on new grass weeds such as dandelions, plantain, chickweed, etc.. Active weed control ingredients are absorbed by the plants through their leaves, eliminating plant and root

late summer

This is the problem period for lawns…the time when they most likely need first aid.


  • insect control– replenish active ingredients for control of grubs, chinch bugs, cutworms, sod webworms, etc.
  • fertilize– to give the essential nutrients drained by the summer heat.


This is the most important time for long range lawn development in New England. Natural conditions favor the grass plant’s well being. More than any other time of year, grass will actually multiple itself- thereby thickening and strengthening the overall lawn.


  • fertilize- a very important application to replenish the nutrient supply, stimulate root replacement and top growth thinned during the tough summer period.

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