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Hydroseeding is a process of spraying a mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, water and a green colored mulch onto soil for a new lawn or renovating an existing lawn. Growth occurs much more quickly, and without the unsightly esthetics of planting a seed in more traditional methods. It also eliminates the need for straw placement, which is messy and carries weed seeds that are naturally found in the straw.

Hydroseeding Services throughout Massachusetts

lawn hydroseeding service MA

The finest product…

Rutland Nurseries are one of the few distributors of a new lawn hydroseeding product produced by Weyerhauser and has incomparable results for seeding steep banks.

Lawn Hydroseeding Massachusetts

Our Hydroseeding Team of Professionals

Our experienced team of turf management specialists have the technical training and skill to properly hydroseed your lawn or commercial property. Since 1957, Rutland Nurseries has provided beautiful landscaping and lawn installations to our customers throughout Massachusetts, and give our customers the finest hydroseeding products available.

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Rutland Nurseries provides hydroseeding services in Worcester, Central, and Metro West areas of Massachusetts.

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