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photo of a tick and mosquito that the Rutland Nurseries Tick & Mosquito Control programs will protect your Massachusetts property from

Tick & Mosquito Control Programs for Homeowners throughout MA

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photo of a tick frequently found in Massachusetts
Organic mosquito and tick control Massachusetts


Controls populations of ticks, mosquitos, gnats, fleas and spiders

Mosquito Control MassachusettsTick Control Programs Massachusetts

Our organic and all natural mosquito and tick programs will help you enjoy the outdoors this summer without fear of insect borne diseases and uncomfortable bug bites.
This program will control populations of ticks, mosquitos, gnats, fleas and spiders, without harming beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies or earthworms.


Organic Mosquito and Tick Control controls population of:

  • mosquitos
  • ticks
  • gnats
  • fleas
  • spiders

Will NOT HARM beneficial:

  • bees
  • butterflies
  • earthworms

We recommend spraying all grassy areas, under shrubs, up to 30 feet of wooded areas, wood piles, leafy areas and patios.

Should apply every 30-60 days depending on severity of infestation.

Protect your family and enjoy your backyard this summer with Mosquito and Tick Control Programs from Rutland Nurseries.



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