Due to recent weather conditions and humidity in New England, we are seeing fungus appear on many of the lawns we maintain. Fungus such as red thread, dollar spot and brown patch become more prominent in humid weather and can cause your lawn to quickly deteriorate.

To encourage a healthy lawn, we recommend a preventative treatment of fungicide during the summer though curative treatments may be necessary in the future if fungus actually infiltrates the turf.
Please contact the office at Rutland Nurseries if you would like someone to come out and evaluate your lawn condition or would like more information on fungicide treatments.

red thread fungus
Red Thread, or Pink-Patch, known for its tan to reddish coloring can spread from a couple inches to several feet in diameter.
dollar spots fungus
Dollar Spot Disease appears as small pancake size circles in your lawn.
brown patch fungus
Brown Patch Disease starts off as small patches with a smoky ring around the edges, and can quickly spread to several feet wide.