Aeration Services Worcester MA

Photo Courtesy of Scotts


Aeration is  one of the most important steps to keeping a healthy, thick lawn. It is the process of pulling small “cores” or “plugs” from your lawn to break the thatch barrier and exposing the soil. While fertilizing is most important, proper aeration allows the fertilizer to reach the roots properly. Aeration opens the soil to allow air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone. It reduces thatch and “softens” the soil. This will improve root development for stronger grass and a healthier lawn.

Reduces Thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead and living grass stems, blades and roots that build up on any lawn. A small amount of thatch is normal. But when it gets over one-half inch thick, it can become a harbor for insects and a breeding ground for disease. Aeration removes “plugs” of soil and deposits them above the thatch layer. This will speed up the process of thatch break down. Regular aeration keeps thatch under control and prevents the need for a complete lawn renovation.

Reduces Soil Compaction

Tightly packed soil leaves little room for air or water and even the roots of the grass plants. Aeration allows the soil to expand, creating a “softer” soil. Regular aeration and softer soil will create a healthier, thicker lawn.

Important Step before Seeding Lawn

When seeding a lawn, it is very important that the seed make good contact with the soil. By breaking through the thatch, grass seed germination will increase. This is an extremely important step before overseeding a lawn. Overseeding creates a thicker turf- resulting in a healthier, more disease and drought resistant turf.

Aeration is important with or without seeding a lawn. Golf courses and turf management crews around the world recognize this as one of the best ways to improve and or maintain a beautiful lawn.

Rutland Nurseries provides aeration, lawn fertilization, overseeding and other lawn care services in Worcester and throughout Massachusetts.