Fall landscaping Massachusetts

Most New Englanders assume that spring is the best time for new landscaping projects and plantings. While this is true for annuals (flowers) and certain types of shrubs, fall can actually be the best time to plant in Massachusetts and New England.

Fall is a great time for planting perennials (flowers that come back year after year) because the cooler temperatures and increased rainfall help establish root systems. If the winter is mild, the roots may even continue to grow in the winter.

Landscape plantings installed in Massachusetts in March, April, and May will benefit from generous rains and the long growing season. But more often than not, New England receives too much precipitation, making planting difficult, especially on poorly drained sites. The sudden onset of hot, dry weather after an often too-short spring, can injure tender new plantings. Because of these weather challenges, increasing attention and consideration has been given to fall planting.

Soil temperatures and moisture levels during the period from mid -August to mid-October are usually in a range that promotes rapid root development. Fall is also the best time for planting turf grasses and spring blooming bulbs. Most container grown, balled or burlapped deciduous trees and shrubs are great candidates for a fall planting. Conifers, such as pine and spruce usually do better with a slightly earlier fall start.

Fall planting takes advantage of favorable soil temperatures and moisture conditions that promote the root growth needed to sustain plants through their critical first year.
If the proper species of healthy, vigorous landscaping plants are chosen and proper post-planting care is given, fall planting of trees and shrubs can be as successful as spring planting. Massachusetts homeowners can take advantage of these prime conditions for their next landscaping project for their home or business.

It is always best to speak with a landscaping expert to make sure your project is appropriate for the time of year, the sun exposure and other factors that are critical for a successful landscaping project and design.

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