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Fall Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Overseeding

Overseeding is a process of planting grass seed directly into existing lawn, without tearing up the grass or soil. It is a great way to fill in bare spots, enhance the color of your lawn, and improve the density of the grass. It also promotes better grass variety for a stronger lawn. Older lawns were established with common types of grass that are much more prone to disease and insects. If your lawn is looking spotty or worn, it needs water and the proper fertilization products to thrive. Otherwise, unhealthy turf is susceptible to insects and disease. Overseeding is the perfect solution for reestablishing a healthy lawn.

Benefits of Overseeding:

  • Thicker, greener, healthier lawn!
  • Better protection against disease, insects and drought
  • Can help withstand heavy traffic and shady conditions
  • Investment in overseeding pays off with reduction in amount of water,fertilizer and pesticides needed
  • Lawn will stay greener throughout the season

Before you Overseed

It is very important to determine what caused the original lawn to deteriorate. A proper lawn and soil analysis should be done to correct issues. Otherwise your new over seeded lawn will deteriorate as well.
Analysis includes:

  • soil condition
  • drainage
  • soil compaction
  • water insufficiency
  • fertility of soil
  • air circulation
  • sunlight
  • thatch
  • variety of grass

A Lawn Care Specialist can provide a through analysis and create a customized plan to restore your lawn to a pristine state. Once conditions are corrected, they can overseed and properly fertilize to establish a healthy lawn.

Aeration is usually recommended before you overseed. Proper aeration will relieve soil compaction and speed up the breakdown of thatch. It improves water and fertilizer intake as well. It also improves root development for a stronger grass.

Late summer or early fall is the best time to overseed a lawn. Soil conditions are optimal for seed germination and growth. With reduction in weeds, there is less competition which gives grass seedlings a better environment to develop. While overseeding can be done in the spring, heavy rains can interfere with the proper development of the grass seed. It may also interfere with the application of weed killers and crab grass prevention treatments.


For more information about overseeding and other fall lawn care services, call the turf management specialists at Rutland Nurseries.