Residential Landscaping Services

For 43 years, Rutland Nurseries has been providing professional residential landscape services to homeowners across Massachusetts and New England. From modest New England Capes to large private estates, to exclusive residential subdivisions, Rutland Nurseries understands that every home has its own unique landscaping needs.

Building a Home
A home is a serious financial investment. To properly protect that investment, landscape planning is a necessity. Before the lot is cleared and the foundation is poured, Rutland Nurseries puts its landscape architects to work. Our residential landscaping company has the technical expertise and the experience to get the most out of the land. Our professional landscapers understand that taking the time to listen to the customer is a very critical first step. By understanding what a customer wants and needs, we can produce the best results. Working in cooperation with the homebuilder, Rutland Nurseries makes sure that the landscape is ready as soon as possible. When the customer is ready, so is Rutland Nurseries.

stone drivewayBuying or Enhancing
Changing the landscape on an existing home is a delicate situation. Using the best of what already exists, Rutland Nurseries has the experience and skill to handle a job with minimum disruption. Beginning with a landscape design, Rutland Nurseries works with homeowners and property managers to create a landscape that is beautiful yet easy to maintain. Whether buying or building a home or enhancing an existing property, Rutland Nurseries works hard to make sure that the landscape adds beauty and value but is never a problem.


Residential Services Offered


Hydroseeding is a process of spraying a mixture of grass seed, fertilizer, water, and a green colored mulch onto soil for a new lawn or renovating an existing lawn. Growth occurs much more quickly.

Water Features

Professional designed and constructed landscape water features, such as majestic waterfalls and ponds, allow for the effective use of existing water can accent any landscape design.


Knowing where to put stone walls or stone walkways isn’t as easy as it might seem. To do the job right, it requires an understanding of potential traffic and usage a home might receive.


A professionally manicured lawn boasting straight and even lines or a patterned look, Rutland Nurseries knows what needs to be done for lawn care and the right time to do it.

Pressure Washing

Rutland Nurseries Pressure Washing Team wants to help you keep your largest investment looking it’s very best! A clean, well-maintained property exterior will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal while increasing its value at the same time.

Rutland TurfPRO Lawn Program

TurfPRO Traditional/Hybrid/Eco-Friendly programs include everything your lawn will need from fertilization to weed control to soil amendments for the entire growing season. These programs will steadily feed the lawn over a 4-6 week period and continue to take care of invasive weeds.

Rutland PestPRO Exterior Defense

PestPRO Traditional and Organic programs for Ticks/Mosquito are designed to protect your family from disease-carrying ticks and mosquito. These programs are focused on setting a barrier on the outside perimeter of your property as well as focusing on areas where these pests breed.

Sod Installation

How do I know how much sod I will need? Multiply the length in feet by the width in feet of the area you are looking to sod. This will give you the total square footage to order. You can either order by the square foot – or by the roll.

Spring/Fall Clean Up

Rutland Nurseries knows what needs to be done for lawn care and the right time to do it. Their skill and patience allow them to carefully sculpt each shrub by working with the individual branches.

Landscape Lighting

What happens after a beautifully designed and landscaped home after the sun sets? Let your gorgeous landscape continue to exude its beauty long into the evening with help of our expert landscape lighting installers.


Our landscape designers understand the unique needs of stone wall construction and will not only consider necessary architectural requirements but also the needs of the homeowner as well.

Landscape Design

An effective landscape design is an art, as well as a skill. Rutland Nurseries works hard to ensure that every detail in its plan will result in an advantage for its customer.


Irrigation systems are an important part of any lawn maintenance program is the proper application of water. Rutland Nurseries offers landscape irrigation design and installation of underground irrigation systems to respond to a customer’s unique needs.

Rutland HortPRO Landscape Protection

The HortPRO Landscape Protection program is designed to protect the investment you have made in the landscaping around your home. This comprehensive program will give your landscape everything it needs to reach its full potential with vibrant blooms and strong growth.

Rutland PestPRO Home Defense

PestPRO Home Defense is designed to keep insects like spiders, ants, earwigs, silverfish out of your home all season. We do this by creating an invisible “halo” around your home by spraying the foundation of your home to your first-floor windows and around the entire house

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