Weekly Lawn Mowing

We have received many compliments on our lawn mowing crews. This is mainly due to their attention to detail as well as the experience our team brings to your yard.  Relieve yourself of the burden and allow our experienced crews to manicure your lawn and property. Here’s how our mowing practices can help your lawn:

  • Mowing high to reduce weeds and to increase root development.
  • Frequent visits. Minimizing the amount of grass blade surface being removed. (less than 1/3rd is recommended)
  • Changing the mowing direction each time to avoid ruts in the lawn
  • Cutting the lawn high (summer) or low (fall) depending on the time of the year
  • Paying attention to not mow during heavy rains
  • We use only the best mowers in the industry
  • We have a turfcare division that the mowing crews work in conjunction with to make sure that fertilizer and mowing isn’t done on the same day

Lawn mowing is done based on a weekly schedule throughout the season. All edges and obstacles will be trimmed using a string trimmer such as around tree wells, buildings, edges etc. Trimming shall maintain the grass areas in a neat condition and at approximately the same length as the adjacent mowed areas. All grass clippings will be removed from the driveway, sidewalk and patios after each cutting…that is our promise to you!

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