Lawn Care Services

Lawn care and grounds maintenance require a company that understands the harsh winters and extreme temperatures of New England. A beautifully landscaped home or business won’t stay that way for long without adequate lawn and garden maintenance. The ability to properly maintain and improve any landscape is a Rutland Nurseries trademark.

In early spring, Rutland Nurseries begins by dethatching the grounds. Bark mulching and a regular program of fertilizing and insecticide sprays for shrubs and lawn. These are an important part of any program for lawn care. Clearing, edging and maintaining garden beds, edging sidewalks, curbs, parking lots and drives and maintaining a crisp, clean, weed-free appearance are standard Rutland landscaping services.

Rutland Nurseries knows what needs to be done for lawn care and the right time to do it. Their skill and patience allow them to carefully sculpt each shrub by working with the individual branches. Their knowledge tells them when each job should be done.

A professionally manicured lawn boasting straight and even lines or a patterned look, the plantings of annuals or bulbs in the fall, maintaining planters or sculpting shrubs are all a part of the Rutland Nurseries Massachusetts lawn care and maintenance program.

Lawn Care Services also include:
Lawn Fertilization Services
Lawn Care and Grounds Maintenance
Planting of Annuals
Maintaining Planters
Shrub Sculpting and Tree Pruning
Leaf Removal and Fall Clean Up

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